‘What do you do anyway?’

I had to do a serious/proper list of what I do today to prepare for my maternity leave. But it got me thinking about the randomness of my daily life at work. Because it really is quite random.

Here’s a snap-shot of some of the oddness that has crossed my desk over the last couple of weeks….

Flooded rooms

Fake cash

Urine on the sports hall roof

One hundred 16 year olds sleeping in the car park

Finding £5,000 for a Shelter

Ice cream thrown at staff

Sourcing 90 sleeping bags

Matching a mosque and a Salvation Army hall to work together

Ballet classes

Steam train exhibitions

Voicemail systems down

Crashing computers

Dead birds on the roof

Leading a debate about the benefits of ‘damaged’ over ‘broken’

Resignations, grievances and disciplaries

Streakers showing their wotsits to the whole of Wimbledon

Policeman doing Zumba

Mysterious heating issues

Dumped bikes

Dodgy lightning conductors

Old photos

Moving of the Queen Mother

Bed bugs

Stained trousers

Jitterbug Jives

Dubious uses of CCTV

Jammed photocopiers

Film crews on site

Police searches

Christmas lunches

And thousands of offers of $1m+ from all around the world…

I reckon it’s a good job I love my job, but I can’t say I’m not looking forward to a break!



I might be a little bit in love…

…with my consultant.

She is reassuring, reasonable and remarkable!

Last week I was told that my pregnancy, well labour at least, is essentially high risk. But today I was told that there seems to be no reason why I can’t go for the kind of birth that I’d like to. I’m even going to be called by the lady who heads up the midwife-led unit (where I’d love to be heading when the time comes) so I can chat with her about it all too. Hurrah! Of course, I understand that once things get going then everything might change but it makes such a difference to be able to go for what you want. To me anyway.

Pregnancy, and all the changes that come with it, seem to me to be so much about not having the control in my life that I once had. Sometimes that feels quite exhilarating. I’ve always been one drawn to change. But much of the time it can be, occasionally overwhelmingly, scary. Not least because I’m doing it solo (besides all my fabulously supportive friends and family, that is – I love you all!).

I wonder how it is that some people manage to make it all look so easy… And if it’s terrible that I’d really, really like to be able to do the same…

Another good read


I picked this treasure up a few weeks ago, not having read the reviews, and couldn’t put it down. If you can get away from some of the sweeping cliches then there are some real nuggets in there, in my humble opinion. Very enjoyable and even a little bit inspiring.

In other news, I’m crossing everything that my consultant has a different view to my midwife when I see her tomorrow. She has been much more approachable than the midwife was last week so I’m really hoping I can get a better conversation about the whole birth plan options than I did last week.

And in the mean time, little boy Bean is wriggling so much today that the movement is actually starting to make me feel queasy. On the up-side, maybe that means that he’ll be sleeping at the same time as me tonight. I can only hope…

Good call

Did you see the frost this morning?! Very glad I decided to skip the car boot sale, but so much for extra sleep, but should have known better really. The early hours are becoming my friend, finally. A quiet opportunity to read and reflect. And nibble. Dinner appetite is dropping off sharply, leaving a odd hungry sensation when it’s technically morning, but as dark as night comes. Yoghurt was my snack of choice this morning. Oh yes, it’s a wild life I’m living right now…

My week ahead needs focus on our Night Shelter – one of the things that I really need to get nailed before I escape work for the delights of time on the sofa. If you’re curious what it’s about you can read more about it on www.roominthiscommunity.org, but essentially I need to find £5k and recruit someone to run it in my absense, in the next 4 weeks. If you have any inspired ideas, do yell!


Car boot – I think not!

It suddenly feels like winter to me. And tomorrow there had been a plan to do my first car boot sale. I have lots of stuff, from past lives and this, that I could do with shifting. A car boot sale seemed like the perfect solution.

Then I realised it meant a 6am start. And getting everything ready. And standing up all day. In the cold. With no winter clothes that fit me anymore. And suddenly it didn’t seem like such a fabulous idea.

It may need to wait to the spring.

So I get to enjoy a lie-in and make the most of the clocks going back. And maybe some brunch somewhere. And get on with other bits that need doing, like changing my name, packing a bag for the hospital (apparently I should be doing this already – seems a bit premature to me…), and working out where to put all the junk I’d been planning to get rid of at the sale.

Maybe EBay…

Reading material


I seem to have three books on the go at the moment, plus the essential antenatal ones, but the one I’m most enjoying is this one by Mr Oliver James.

I recommend.

Whether it works or not, though, remains to be seen!



The midwife, who I spend a whole 30 minutes with today and have not met before, has decided that I should be having my baby with doctors on hand as well as all the delights that go with that.

I hate the idea. This is not what I had in mind at all.

I’ll be having words with my consultant (as well as the Big Guy).

And hoping….