Buses and trains

Isn’t it mad how little people notice each other on the morning commute sometimes?

It’s been such an experience getting the train and bus each morning to work during this time. At first I hated the idea of wearing one of those ‘Baby on Board’ badges, as I was busy trying to pretend that nothing had really changed and I needed no special treatment. Then I started nearly fainting on the train with somewhat alarming regularity and thought maybe it was better to let people know. I’ve taken the badge off now though as, frankly, if people can’t tell that I’m pregnant based on the enormous lump in front of me combined with the very sleepy look on my face, a badge is unlikely to make much difference. Talk about pointing out the bloody obvious.

Today, again, I ended up standing all the way and quietly hoping this wouldn’t be the day that I finally, actually, pass out on the train. Even though I was stood by loads of people sitting, no one seemed to see me. Until I was about to get off, of course, and then everyone is suddenly happy to offer their space…

But then other times, and there have been many, people can be so incredibly sweet. They offer their space and there can even be over-polite and terribly English debates between a couple of people who both seem very keen to give up their space for me. As someone who, in a previous life would have been mortified to have been offered a seat, and too furiously independent to accept it, I am regularly overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. And I thank my lucky stars, again, that I have been blessed with this experience. I have begun to treasure those interactions, and expect that, even though I may end up standing from time to time, I’ll miss this daily journey of mine once December comes.


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