I might be a little bit in love…

…with my consultant.

She is reassuring, reasonable and remarkable!

Last week I was told that my pregnancy, well labour at least, is essentially high risk. But today I was told that there seems to be no reason why I can’t go for the kind of birth that I’d like to. I’m even going to be called by the lady who heads up the midwife-led unit (where I’d love to be heading when the time comes) so I can chat with her about it all too. Hurrah! Of course, I understand that once things get going then everything might change but it makes such a difference to be able to go for what you want. To me anyway.

Pregnancy, and all the changes that come with it, seem to me to be so much about not having the control in my life that I once had. Sometimes that feels quite exhilarating. I’ve always been one drawn to change. But much of the time it can be, occasionally overwhelmingly, scary. Not least because I’m doing it solo (besides all my fabulously supportive friends and family, that is – I love you all!).

I wonder how it is that some people manage to make it all look so easy… And if it’s terrible that I’d really, really like to be able to do the same…


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