‘What do you do anyway?’

I had to do a serious/proper list of what I do today to prepare for my maternity leave. But it got me thinking about the randomness of my daily life at work. Because it really is quite random.

Here’s a snap-shot of some of the oddness that has crossed my desk over the last couple of weeks….

Flooded rooms

Fake cash

Urine on the sports hall roof

One hundred 16 year olds sleeping in the car park

Finding £5,000 for a Shelter

Ice cream thrown at staff

Sourcing 90 sleeping bags

Matching a mosque and a Salvation Army hall to work together

Ballet classes

Steam train exhibitions

Voicemail systems down

Crashing computers

Dead birds on the roof

Leading a debate about the benefits of ‘damaged’ over ‘broken’

Resignations, grievances and disciplaries

Streakers showing their wotsits to the whole of Wimbledon

Policeman doing Zumba

Mysterious heating issues

Dumped bikes

Dodgy lightning conductors

Old photos

Moving of the Queen Mother

Bed bugs

Stained trousers

Jitterbug Jives

Dubious uses of CCTV

Jammed photocopiers

Film crews on site

Police searches

Christmas lunches

And thousands of offers of $1m+ from all around the world…

I reckon it’s a good job I love my job, but I can’t say I’m not looking forward to a break!



One thought on “‘What do you do anyway?’

  1. Ann-marie says:

    Out of the whole list the only thing that makes me feel uneasy about what you have had to do is……..moving the queen mother??…..

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