Shower Supreme

Baby showers are a funny thing, I think. The idea, I must be honest, used to fill me with dread, but turns out in the capable hands of a very good friend they needn’t be so scary.


It think it’s the whole thing of baby themed ‘stuff’, like the chocolate storks on sticks and nappy cakes that I’d heard about, that used to worry me so. I really shouldn’t have been so concerned. Not a themed item in sight!  

The lovely Camilla created a sumptuous feast of homemade delights. What a whizz in the kitchen! If I was the jealous type you would have been able to see a strange green glow coming from the hill behind Surbiton for miles. 

I was especially grateful for the opportunity to spend ‘tea and cake’ time with a few of my nearest and dearest. How often does anyone get to do that? An honour indeed.

On top of that I was blown away by the generousity of these ladies that I am especially fond of. And reminded, once again, that I’m really not alone in this.

I’ll never forget my baby shower day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you x



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