Well, today’s adventure might not have presented the same challenge as THE K2, but it felt pretty big to me nonetheless.

We ventured out by buggy and bus to the hospital for our first check up.

We survived the journey; it was actually quite fun, with lots of people chatting to us. I’ve noticed an odd little habit that I need to break sharpish though – I keep referring to Bean as ‘she’ and then quickly having to correct myself. I’m not sure where it’s come from,but I need to sort it and quickly! I sound like a right nutter!

Bean was weighed at the hospital, and then had his heel prick test. He didn’t even squeak when they did it, bless him.

We were then treated to a feast at mum and dad’s and an opportunity to meet many of the Stockman clan. It was a fabulous clashing of grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, and Bean loved every minute!


Time zones


Time is shifting.

It has less meaning.

I’m trying to embrace it.

It helps.

2am is my new friend.

We never spent much time together before.

But we are now.

And it’s OK.

Friday (I think…)


What a delightful day, whatever the actual day is!

Last night was unsettled (my new normal, I suspect), but today was a wonder. I guess I’m still riding these baby hormones high at the moment, but what else can I say?

We hung out, had a bath, tried out the bouncy chair (a great success), Bean starred in his first home video, then had a feast of a lunch with the two wonderful ladies who first greeted my little one into the world. Don’t know where I’d have been without them.

I’ll introduce you properly soon, I’m sure.

Now I’m off to eat some leftover turkey… This jelly belly of mine isn’t going to shift anytime soon… Ah, well…

First day at home


Today has been a delight. It’s such a pleasure to have my little man here at home with me, finally. Unreasonably, it feels like we’ve been waiting for so long.

I was treated to lots of TLC as well as a rather marvelous belated Christmas dinner. Who can ask for more than that?

Needless to say, I’m a little sore and tired but it was expected and so, so, so worth it.

Matthew is doing really well. He’s a little cherub and swiftly charming all of those around me. I completely understand. I fell in love the moment we met…

A very happy Christmas!


Little Matthew Isaac arrived at 6.42pm on Christmas Day.

What a precious, precious gift!

We finally got back on Boxing Day evening and both he and I are doing well. And, to be frank, seem somewhat smitten with each other.

I am home…

Carols by candlelight


I’ve been getting a little frustrated waiting for my boy these past couple of days. Hence the curry, champagne, etc….

And then there was this evening, and in the peace before the service started I realised what a pleasure the last few days have been, with friends, family and food. And how lovely the next few days will be too (might Christmas actually be the best tome of year to be waiting?). And I thought that maybe this baby of mine just knows better than me, and knows just the right time to arrive.

He just hasn’t shared this with me yet….