Moving on


So today kind of marks a new time for me, though it has yet to kick in.

This week has been the oddest in my employment so far. Never do you get so long to prepare for leaving. And, for me, leaving has normally meant a new job in a new place. And still it came yesterday as a massive shock that saw me, not so quietly, sobbing in the toilet before I could bring myself to actually leave the building. Fortunately, it was just me around, so I managed to stealthily sneak out the back way and avoid anyone seeing my puffy, red eyes.

Now, although I’m not at work, I’m still connected. Hearing the latest and seeing the effects of the changes that are in progress or planned.

And until my Bean arrives, it feels like I have little to distract me from being a spectator to that. Mums that have been there before assure me that I’ll soon have my hands full and won’t give a monkeys what is happening in YMCA world. I just can’t see that far ahead yet.

What makes detaching all the more difficult is how incredibly kind, supportive and encouraging my colleagues have been these last few months. I have received more advice, offers of help and gifts than I would have ever imagined possible and it has somewhat blown me away.

So not seeing and being with these very special people on a daily basis is quite a change for me.

And I’m not even sure, yet, about going back. I think I want to…. But how can you really tell before the time comes?… And 9 months is a very long time….

Nothing is simple, is it?


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