Tomorrow, tomorrow


I would really like to give birth on a great date – and there are a few coming up, the first of which is tomorrow. How great would that be? 12/12/12! Ideally at 12 minutes past noon. I can hope, can’t I?

So I’ve done everything I can to get things going…

Raspberry leaf tea – tick

Curry – tick

Pineapple – tick (x4!)

Champagne – if I had some I would have

Sex – um… pineapple is easier to arrange, so…

I love being pregnant – the fidgets of the Bean, the very curvy shape, the feeling all special… – but I also really, really, really want to meet my little man.

So, body, bring it on!

And if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, I’m rooting for 20.12.2012, 24.12.12 or 3.1.13 (at a push). It’s great to be a geek – honest…



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