Birth Partner Job Description

Person spec:

  • Love and care for the expectant mother
  • Ability to create calmness under pressure
  • Knowledge about her likes and dislikes and what relaxes her
  • Some knowledge and understanding about birth
  • Stamina to go the distance in supporting the expectant mother

Job description:

  • Provide the expectant mother with a loving caring presense (but not lots of emotion!)
  • Provide the mother with practical support, as learned in antenatal classes
  • If/when there is nothing you can do to make things better, just be there silently
  • Contribute to a calm environment even when under pressure
  • Help make decisions together with the mother and others at the birth, using the birth plan as a starting point
  • Engage positively with midwives and obstetricians
  • Look after your own needs – for food, drink, rest and information
  • Encourage the expectant mother to focus positively during labour, especially if she becomes over-whelmed and panicky
  • Be ready for a quick birth in case that happens
  • Be a witness to the whole event and ready to tell the story
  • Be inat least one photo of baby and family in the hospital!

Thank goodness I have an Amanda!! What would a girl do without friends like her?



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