Hospitals and buses


I’ve seen my fair share of both today – and nothing to do with my precious bump, though in the circumstances I’m awfully glad he didn’t decide to arrive today.

My dear friend, flat mate and birth partner was struck down with the lergy and so we needed the help of some lovely professionals. She’s doing much better now but will be staying overnight at least. Poor thing.

It also meant a day of taxis, trains and buses, but mostly buses. Not great, but I was happy to be there for the lady that has graciously offered to be there to hold my hand in a few days time (or there abouts…).

And kinda makes me glad that boys and first-borns, so I’m told, are normally late… Doesn’t help with the sweepstake though!

I’m also very grateful for my equally wonderful ‘reserve’ birth partner, now preparing to step in should Amanda be stuck in hospital when it all kicks off here. Although ‘reserve’ doesn’t really cover it. She’s been cheering me up and along for months and I’d be honoured to have her by my side.

Maybe in the end there will be space enough for two…


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