After the storm


After a fitful evening (must have been the curry) Matthew and I had a great night’s sleep, finally getting out of bed well past 10. It seemed like his cries got a lot of tension out of his little body and we enjoyed our calmest day yet.

I took the opportunity to have a day off from breastfeeding. After working out how to express by hand we got through the whole day like that giving my, somewhat battered, boobs a day to themselves. Back to it tomorrow though. And I have plans this week to try and get to an advice group and find out if I’m doing it properly. How else do you know?

We topped off a very short day with a chilly, but bright, stroll to Surbiton for hot chocolate. Heavenly! And probably not the last time I’ll be doing that.

Today feels like the end of our ‘bubble’ time. People are going back to work and this is the time when I need to work out how I’ll be spending my days. Do I join a group? Some kind of mothers’ coffee morning? A baby class? Or…? I know I’ll need to be doing something and I’m really looking forward to discovering what that will be.

There’s always the camper van to find…


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