Ellie the cat

I should, at some point, have introduced the other member of my little family – Ellie the cat.



She has been with me for quite a while now, and through many a journey. She’s sat on my lap when I’ve shed a tear or two. Kept me company at night as I adjusted to sleeping alone. Been a constant source of love and affection over a fairly crazy couple of years or so. And been a bit like the baby that I never thought I’d have….


And then I did.


And I don’t think she’d a big fan of this recent change.


Ellie started to act strangely as my pregnancy came to it’s final stages. It’s like she sensed a change on the horizon, a bit like when I’m planning to go away for a bit and she sits in my suitcase and looks at me all forlorn.


And now, although she does seem to be slowly accepting the little one, it’s a bit like having a sulky teenager in the house. She has mad moments, running around the place like a loon and hanging off the furniture. She is in and out of the place like she has ants in her pants (oh, for to have a cat flap!). She sits and stares at me, clearly in need of some attention, only to dash off when I finally have my hands free and am able to offer her what she wants.


On the up-side, she’s not attacking the little man – she can barely look at him. Occasionally she’ll get close enough for a sniff before legging it as soon as I catch her.


Bless her.




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