Tears in public


Today I had, what felt like, my first big test.

Bean and I were not in sync and he wanted the world to know. Everytime he was ready to feed, I wasn’t able to. Then when I was, he was too upset to settle on me. I hate to think what the registrar must have thought. I don’t suppose she was too impressed with my ‘situation’ to start with – at least, that’s the impression I got.

It was just one of those days, not the last I’m sure, when I could have just joined him in his wailing, right in the middle of the Apple Market for all I could have cared!

Things settled down eventually when I got to spend time at my favourite sanctuary, the Pickled Pantry, with a couple of sympathetic friends.

And then me and the Bean got some proper healing time together when we shared a warm bath until we got wrinkly. The groove has now been found again.


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