What I’ve discovered since I looked like this…



I can survive without a daily dose of YMCA
Breastfeeding does actually get easier, even though you’d never believe it when it’s tough
I can prattle on about all sorts of nonsense, never expecting a response, and not think myself completely barking
Poo is an interesting, and researchable, subject
A good burp is cheer-worthy, same goes for ‘the other’
A giggle at the breast is not nearly as offensive as I’d imagined (actually makes me giggle rather a lot too)
The thought of going to a mums and babies group is rather scary (hence not attempted to date…)
I can survive a day without the bed being made
Same goes for washing up and clothes waiting to be put away
An iron is not necessarily an essential daily tool
A baby’s face can lose you hours without you even realising


It’s possible to feel really happy and really sad at the same time
It’s possible to get much more sleep after the baby is born than before
It’s possible to take loads of photos of the same subject, day after day, and still see new beauty
It’s possible to love someone more than you could ever have imagined

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