Wooo hooo!

We seem to be getting somewhere with sleeping hands-free in the daytime. And the hammock is finally paying off.

Now I just need to progress past spending most of the time he’s asleep watching him to check he’s breathing.


I ran!


I have shocked myself.

I went for a run this evening.

And it was great!

Only managed 18 mins, and I wasn’t mad keen on feeling EVERYTHING wobble, but it felt wonderful to get that chilly air in my lungs.

I’ve promised to do a 10k in Bristol in May with my lovely brother-in-law for a charity that helped my sweet niece, Kezia, when she really needed it last year. And I’m looking forward to it! I don’t think the training will do my sagging body any harm, either.

I’ll get back to you with sponsorship details 🙂

Half term adventures


The Tate runs family fun events at half term and we went to see what was happening today with a couple of friends.

It was very surreal to see 10,000 little ones playing with cardboard boxes and tissue paper, and dressing up as ancient sculptures and singing pop songs on a mini stage, in the same room as famous and valuable paintings hung on the wall. And Bean slept peacefully through all of the excitement.

Maybe when he’s older he’ll get into this kinda thing, if Mummy can stand it!