Fabulous family


In the last week or so we’ve seen more of our family than normal. And it’s been such a treat!

I have long been the one lagging behind on the kids front with all 5 of my siblings sprogging before me. I loved, and still love, being an auntie, but being a mum feels like joining some special kind of club where only those that have successfully procreated can partake – and I love it!

I may be new at this parenthood malarkey but sharing the little experience I have, and gaining so much from those around me at this time, feels so precious.

And I see my nieces and nephews in a whole new light; as future playmates, guides, co-conspiritors for my little Bean. I can’t wait until M is running around with them, making up stories with them, building forts with them. There’ll make the most fabulous company for fun!

And I hope that M will bring something special to their lives too, as he already has mine.


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