I love my sling, and Bean does too – it’s his favourite place for a daytime nap. Here we are getting to grips with the ‘high back carry’, which actually looks a little low to me, but we’ll keep practicing.

Bean had his first two jabs today. While we were at the doctor’s he just cried when he actually had the injections, but this afternoon, bless him, he’s been so miserable. It’s so hard to know what to do to help him feel better. He’s also got a cold, which I’m sure isn’t helping – but did create the exciting opportunity to purchase a snot sucker! Yep. They really do exist, but I think it’s called something more elegant, like a baby nose clearer or something like that.

I’m so grateful for the sling and it’s ability to send him off. We paced the flat for quite a while this afternoon, but eventually he succumbed and dozed off.


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