I seem to be losing mine.

I keep finding bits in places other than on my head.

Apparently it’s normal and to be expected.

Just hope I’m left with enough to avoid looking daft.

And it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I lost a few of the greys in the process!



I keep taking my eye off the ball.

I’m not sure when it started.

Was it three months ago? Or the full 12?

When Bean was very little, just a week or two old, I let him try using a bottle of expressed milk. He took to it well, gulping the contents down at quite a rate. A couple of weeks or so later, when I had to leave him for a little while, he again had a bottle and seemed to enjoy it. Then last Sunday, it was like he just didn’t know what to do with it anymore. Right when I really needed him to be happy with it.

I got it wrong. Because I got distracted by life. I forgot that he’d probably need to practice to be able to keep it up. I feel stupid. Again.

While I was away I bought him a sippy cup to try instead. I got on with sterilizing it this morning, keen to give it a go. I popped it into a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes.

Then about an hour later, smelling something funny, I asked my flatmate if there was something on in the kitchen.

There was. My sterilizing pan. Completely boiled dry. And this…


…in the bottom.

That blasted ball!


There’s nothing like going away to make you appreciate coming home.

After a great few days away, with family and fun, we arrived home safe and sound and are currently found to be snuggled up in bed patiently awaiting sleep.

I’m also glad that we weren’t some of the many that were escaping London for the weekend. The roads (the other way) were rammed. Here’s to Easter at home with friends!


Underwater baby

The little man ventured underwater today. Not by his own choosing, of course, but he sort of enjoyed it. And certainly liked being in the pool. The wave machine was a bit fierce though! Was a bit concerned that we might both end up being dunked. I am so proud to see him soak up all of these new things. And so blessed to be a parent and experience the rush.



In the comfort of fabulous Freda, we have escaped to the sunny climes of Minehead (actually it’s -2 but it’s still beside the seaside so…) for a Butlins adventure. We’re here with my gorgeous little sister and her family, and it had already been wonderful to be back in their company. I have high hopes for a great week, despite the weather.


Swimming tomorrow! Can’t wait!