Night Shelter


This evening was a meeting to mark the end of this winter’s night shelter scheme in Merton, something that I was heavily involved in last winter and helped to plan for this.

It still blows me away that so many people (around 300 volunteers) are willing to join forces to give people a chance to get off the streets during the winter. And they are such a lovely, lovely bunch.

Last time I saw most of them I was leading some training in preparation for the shelter opening, and was heavily pregnant. It was such a treat this evening to be able to introduce M to everyone – we felt like celebrities!

Scary point just before the speeches though, when my dear friend decided M and I should join her and the other committee members at the front… I wouldn’t have minded if I wasn’t busy discreetly feeding M in the sling! Lucky he kept quietly doing his thing, and I think I got away with it. It could have been so different though!

While I have been pondering the possibility that I could somehow manage not to have to go back to work, evenings like this quickly remind me how much I love what I do and that I’d probably be a very different person without it.

Maybe I can find a way to successfully (or at least adequately) do both when the time comes…

(The picture is from the venue of tonight’s meeting. Good place to be, I’m sure you’d agree)


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