100 ways

your smile;
   the way you kick your legs so passionately in the bath;
  bathing together;
              walking with you snuggled in the sling;
  the way your toes curl around my finger when I tickle your feet;
                              that you act like your favourite place is on your back, with my face on yours and my hair surrounding us;
waking up with you;
       going to sleep with you;
  midnight cuddles;
                            how you love my friends as much as I do;

your delight in your reflection;
     your acceptance;
the look in your eye when I’m nursing you;
     lavender massages;
your giggles;
               your squeaks;
     your excitement at being wiggled and jiggled;
your desire to crawl;
                        your persistence in practicing standing;

   your button nose;
   that tuft of extra hair at the back of your head;
              your square thighs;
  your chunky, strong arms;
         your deep brown eyes;
       the way you look so cosy in your white sleepsuits;

when you suck my arm;
     when you try to eat my face first thing in the morning;
          when you chew my nose;
  being able to tell you what we’re doing;
      that you wait so patiently for me in your bouncy chair when I shower;

that you give me the perfect excuse to be in bed by 8pm;
                      how strangers stop and admire you;
     when you fall asleep in my arms;
your complete trust in my abilities;
that you made me a mother;
            that you gave me the best job in the whole world;
the funny little faces you pull;

                  the way your hand reaches out for me in the night;
      sleeping with your hand on my face;
snuffleuffagous days;
        how I can’t help but love you more each day I know you;
  how you restored my faith in grace;
how I’m able to provide all that you need to grow;
          that I see your father in a whole new way because of you;
   that I see my mother in a whole new way because of you;

getting to know you;
             that you have taught me how to love another unconditionally;
     the way you grip my jumper when I feed you;
    how you think it’s so funny to be bounced into your sling;
              how you’ve made my dreams come true;
how you make me want to be a better human being;

      those adorable wide eyes when you know a cold wipe is coming your way;
                 that serious face you have when you’re practicing swimming in the bath;
the way you eye up the snack bar when you’re tired of splashing and paddling;
       those superbaby stretches – arms up, hardly higher than your head, bum sticking out, legs bent, faces screwed up;

      stroking your head;
holding your hand;
            how you’ve changed Christmases forever;
your milk-drunk face;
    foot massages;
        your baby soft smell;
that you let me kiss you 1000 times a day;
    every time I look at you I smile;
when fluff gets stuck between your fingers;
             your ‘shocked starfish’ on a cold changing mat;

   how happy you are after a good sleep; 
      how boobs solve everything;
   the way your face smooshes into my chest when you fall asleep in the sling;
                    your wriggliness;
    your super-cute sneezes;
  how you never mind me taking photo after photo after photo;
           blowing raspberries on your tummy;
doing Eskimo kisses with you;     
             feeling your eyelashes tickling my face when I hold you close;
  your chipmunk chirps;

                       how you breathe really fast when you’re concentrating;
when you fall asleep on me;
                      your milky baby breath;
   your breath on my skin when you snuggle close;

           reading stories with you;
that we have a lifetime of adventures to look forward to;
       that I see my face in yours every day

My beautiful boy, these are the things that I love about you.




2 thoughts on “100 ways

  1. anngri says:

    OMG, that has left me with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. You enjoy every one of these with Matthew, as much as you can, as before you know it they are 19, and although they have grown out of doing most things, they will still want a cwtch with their mums….! X

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