Milk up his nose

M has a cold, bless him, and apparently breast milk dripped into his nose can help clear it.

Easier said than done though! I’ve tried a couple of times while breast feeding but haven’t had much success. I tend to get more on me than in his nose.

I am working on getting him used to a sippy cup, as he’s recently rejected his bottle. It seemed like a great opportunity to try the nose thing. We tried and tried but he just ended up with milk all over his face. I need to get creative, I think, if I’m ever going to find out if it works.

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that M is slowly but surely getting used to the cup – just in time for the Hen Do on Saturday night, with a bit of luck. It’s either that or leave my boobs behind, and my dress just wouldn’t look right without them….


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