Other people’s perfect lives

I had a nice long drive today. I don’t know about you, but I often find driving offers great thinking time. Today I was pondering how easy it is to imagine everyone else’s lives to be perfect – or at least including all that mine feels like it is lacking. I wonder why we do this to ourselves. Use this unreality to beat ourselves up? But we do, don’t we? Well, I do, at least.

This week has also gotten me thinking that, for some, my life might be imagined to be much more gilded than it is. I hate the barriers that this can, and does, create and the effect it can have as a result.

I also hope that by remembering this I can avoid putting up barriers with others, whose lives can seem so much more sorted than mine…


5 thoughts on “Other people’s perfect lives

  1. Nicki Zisman says:

    Oh Becs, I hope that coming to my perfect home for the perfect homemade lunch made by your perfect friend enjoyed in the sunshine in my perfect garden didn’t trigger all these thoughts !!!!!!! Xx

  2. Nicki Zisman says:

    Slightly more accurate would to replace the word ‘ perfect ‘ with the word ‘ mental ‘ in my little piece…. Aah , there we go, now I recognise myself & my life !
    Bring little Matthew to NY one day or better still, let him bring you…..it’s magical xx

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