Lost in the woods

This evening I decided we needed a stroll before tea, so after being told about a nice walk nearby by a friendly neighbour the other day, I decided we’d head off there.

The obvious route seemed kinda dull and, well, obvious, so when I saw a less worn path over the stream I decided to check it out.

Turned out to be paths galore, and after checking out every (flipping) one (I hate going backwards), navigating around great, big mud lakes, over fallen trees, and through thorn-edged tunnels of branches, I eventually realised that there wasn’t a way through and I’d have to give up and go back to where I’d started.

It was quite fun in the end. And there was no one to see me wandering around like a lost sheep – phew! Even had a few deja vu moments from my childhood. Happy times!

Next time I’ll stick to the proper path and find out where all the normal people stroll too…


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