Embracing the weather

It’s still wet here, though we ended up with a lovely sunset last night. It just doesn’t matter though. The food is still great. The sea is still awesome. Walking in the sea air is still good for the legs and the soul. Whitstable is still very exploreable. And the company? All the better for huddling up out of the wet stuff.


The fizzy stuff helps too!

Birthday five

I’ve neglected to let you know what I’ve been up to as I’ve been too busy having a…



When I catch my breath I’ll tell you ALL about it. But now I need my sleep because I’m going camping tomorrow! Eek! Finally! I think I might actually pop with excitement. Someone give me a slap!

Fish and chips

It was back to work for me today, for a couple of hours anyway. M’s grandparents had kindly agreed to look after him for me, so when they arrived it was a quick handover before I legged it for the bus.

Before they’d come, I’d promised to get fish and chips for all of us after the meeting – who wants to cook then, eh? So I felt like quite a plonker when I got on the bus then realised that I had no money. Oh, the dangers of having an Oyster card and the overconfidence that can bring!

So I begged a tenner from a kind colleague and, once the meeting was done, headed to my favourite fish shop.

I started to order three cod and chips when it, slowly – too slowly – dawned on me that ten quid was not nearly going to cover it…. I was so embarrassed! After retreating to consider my options (no, I’m sure I didn’t look too stupid standing back while my snails-pace baby-brain tried to work out what on earth to do…) I decided, since I could hardly return empty-handed, to get one portion fish and chips and let my parents share it. Oh, the shame!

In the end, and after I’d realised I had enough for a battered sausage and has added that to my order, once I got home and admitted my error, it was plenty. Thank goodness for their generous portions. In fact, I suspect we all felt a little less guilty about the mid-week, take-away feast as a result.


And, goodness, juggling responsibility for another human being as well as keeping myself in check is proving to trip up my little head more than I expected… I do hope I can get my act together soon…