My rhino skin

This is a post that I have been pondering for a while.

From the time I told the world I was pregnant, comments, questions and observations seem to have started hitting my ego in a whole new place. It’s like being responsible for another human being has made me hear what other people say much differently.

Whether it’s ‘he’s SO big!’ or ‘so you’re still breastfeeding…’ everything feels like a criticism. Strangely, even being around people with a different approach is sometimes tough. It really threw me for a while; perhaps feeling more delicate in my pregnant state.

I decided early on that I needed to make sure this didn’t affect me too much. I have a healthy fear of post partum depression and didn’t want innocent comments to chip away at my fragile confidence.

So I started working on growing my rhino skin. Every time something stung, I reminded myself that these things are said from places of care, concern, love and a desire to be involved (in the most part), and it has become easier. That’s not to say that nothing ever gets through though. I just try and let my head deal with it before my heart does. A conscious pause seems to help…



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