Emerging stronger


It has been a funny old few days. Apologies for the lack of blogging (if you noticed!), it’s just that my head has been elsewhere as well as disturbed.

I have been trying to think of ways to sum up what I have been distracted by and butterflies just keep coming back to me. Let me try to explain…

Whilst I have been enjoying time catching up with friends and family, as is becoming my norm during my leave, I have been struggling with some decisions that I have felt necessary to make.

I won’t go into what they were, but it is the struggle that has gotten me thinking. Well… that is to say, the potential benefit to struggling that has been keeping my focus.

In the same way that a butterfly needs to struggle to emerge from his cocoon to be strong enough to fly once he’s out; and M needs to get frustrated and cry out as he works to get strong enough to sit on his own; sometimes life brings challenges that stretch us in ways we never expected, and it’s the struggle that comes with them that make us stronger as a result.

So it is worth remembering that, as with a butterfly that will die if his cocoon is broken for him, and a child that will fail to develop if everything is done for him, so I will fail to get stronger if I am without the struggles that I face. 

A friend this week asked if I thought the challenge that they are finding so hard to deal with might be some kind of payback for things that have happened that they’re not so proud of. But I think that sometimes a challenge is a gift that hasn’t revealed it’s worth yet; it’s the tough journey that makes the destination so valuable.

Hmmm… I don’t know… I just hope it’s all worth it. But I have a funny feeling that, one way or another, it will be.


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