Time and space


My head, as it so often is, is a bit jumbly at the moment. It feels like there is a lot going on, heart-wise, that needs managing. I try. And it’s ok. But occasionally it would be nice to have a break from it.

The campervan, and the escape it allows, is wonderful, but I then seem left with more space and time to think. Needed, probably, but ‘busy’ is my comfort zone.

Busy means decisions, control, ‘doing’. It gives me the illusion that things are moving forward, when time to think shows me that this may not be the case.

That said, something good, at least I hope it will prove to be, has recently occurred. A reunion, of sorts. It’s hard to know what else to say at the moment, but it has left me feeling peace in an area where it was lacking previously. And I am so very grateful. Grace is one of my favourite words, and it sums up the situation very well for me.


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