We eventually escaped the nightmare that is the M25 and are now unpacked and settled for the night in Folkstone. Little Satmar, our base for the night, is a super-clear, super-organised site just 10 mins from the Channel Tunnel terminal. And it’s boiling, like everywhere else! Oddly though, when we stopped at the cliffs for a cuppa, just a mile away, it was foggy and chilly(ish). I asked a hiker, who looked like he probably knew about these things, and he told me it was normal there – hot air/cold air clash, type of thing. Who knew? Was quite refreshing after the drive. Delights for lunch/dinner (couldn’t quite get both in so…. lunner? Dinch?) were cheese and salami rolls and a Moroccan couscous salad. Oh, and some of those awful, but yummy, snack eggs (with eyelashes and rude boys bits, no doubt). Courtesy of Sainsbury’s. Expecting a bit more once we’ve gone under the sea. That’s weird isn’t it? The going under the sea thing? Best not ponder that one too much or I’ll never sleep and the alarm is set for 5.30am!

It feels good to be here.


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