Well, our first day in France has been good. Hot and not a cloud in the sky. All started at the crack of dawn, after very little sleep. It seems 6 month olds aren’t so well suited to these temperatures, so after a lively evening…


M finally crashed out around midnight but slept fitfully, so I did too.

The train was super-smooth – M barely noticed it! It was pure motorway from there. Heavenly, bar the suicidal pigeon that flew into my windscreen. Poor thing. And I don’t think M has heard me swear like that before either!

We had planned on stopping in Reims on the way down but after reading up on it I decided to crack on to Troyes, where we’ve settled for the night. There’s a pool here and a great upside down trampoline. We’ve tried neither yet, but did walk into town for a jus d’orange


and a nose around the old streets and the gorgeous cathedral.


Nice to have some decent miles under my belt. Just need to decide where to stop next. I want to be in Aix-en-Provence by Tuesday afternoon, so somewhere between here and there. Open for suggestions if you care to comment! I fancy a bit of Alpage…


Rose is doing well. She still hasn’t said much but she has a couple of buds fit to burst – I wonder if I get to see them before she reaches her destination. I’ll let you know.


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