Phew, today was a long one! And a teeny bit stressy in the end, but then climaxed in a fabulous conclusion! On route I’d decided to head for Orange, but when we got there, the camp site I’d been heading for was a demolition site. The next nearest was Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Not so far away but M, after many hours in the car, was not so happy. Then the satnav and phone both failed me, so I found myself winging it. After going through a wilderness of vineyards I eventually found our substitute site – and what an oasis!! An absolutely gorgeous spot. And the noise of cicadas is deafening. I might just stay longer than I’d planned…


This is the spot where I’m fortunate enough to be writing from this evening. And a lush bit of Jamiroquai in the background too. Eeeee….

Anyway, that was the END of the day. I should have started at the beginning.

What was a fairly boring start to a day’s driving eventually picked up for a number of reasons.


There were a couple of breaks that M both enjoyed and managed to charm half the service station. I love that, while all the adults shyly smile and mutely nod because noone knows what language the other speaks and noone wants to make an idiot of themselves, babies just smile at whoever catches their eye and make friends all over the place. There are certainly things to be learnt from babes, I’d say.


This funky building caught and entertained my eye, mainly because from the distance it looked like a skyscraper being built to look fallen down. Quite surreal. And not much less so close up either.

Then, after getting stuck in some crazy traffic, a car with two little girls in the back passed by. They were waving like mad. So I waved back. I got a double thumbs up. Ten minutes later, or so, they passed again, and again waved. Big smiles all round when I waved back. I watched them wave at every single car that they passed and get excited each time they got a response. It’s funny, isn’t it, that, like M and the service station strangers, neither had anything to gain from the interaction other than positive acknowledgement but that was enough to bring such glee. Maybe we all need that sometimes, but somewhere along the line we get too jaded to reach out and get it.


One thought on “Chateauneuf-du-Pape

  1. Seems like you and M are having a great time! What fabulous weather, the campsite looks amazing too. Although the burning question, which I imagine is on every bodies lips is “How’s Rose?”

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