Pernes les Fontaines

Well, today was an altogether more chilled kinda day. Lovely chat with home to start us off, then a sunny stroll around the vineyards for the first nap of the day. Gordes was the prime focus, until we got there, arriving with a million other people! Satisfied myself with a stop at a view point and travelled on through. It was worth skipping for the treat of a drive I enjoyed for the next hour or so. Green forests, stunning villages hanging on hill-sides, cobbled streets, hair-pin bends aplenty and stony gorges are the kind of things that are on my dream-drive list, and were most unexpected. So, I missed the Abbey too. So what??

Saint Didier was the next destination on the list; this time to deliver precious Rose. She was very well received and M and I were met with generous hospitality and kindly fed and watered (and coffeed!).


Scarily close to running out of petrol made Pernes les Fontaines our next stop – I shall never be accused of never living on the edge! Fortune was kind on us yet again, and we nabbed a non-spot spot in an otherwise full site on the outskirts of town. Camping les Fontaines is expensive, but exceptional. After a few too-long days, and teeny bits of sleep, it was rather delightful to spend the best part of the afternoon in the pool.


Dinner was courtesy of the pool-side restaurant and M enjoyed throwing bits of my pizza on the floor to save me the trouble of eating them. Bless him.



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