Another gorgeous gorge drive today, near Sault. There is something about those roads with the hair-pin bends and dramatic drops that just make me feel so alive. The route seems hugely popular with cyclists – they were everywhere! I was very impressed – those are some crazy hills. A couple were ever going it towing their kids behind.


We came across a little village for lunch that was just delightful. It seems that there are some ‘prettiest’ villages picked out and labelled, and we just keep in bumping into them. Lucky us! The only place to eat was a fancy restaurant stuffed with bikers but we found a spot to have a drink and a sandwich on the side.


M seemed to like it. He also munched quite a bit of the delicious soft cheese from my baguette.

I don’t know how other people deal with ordering in another country when their command of the language is not great. I tend to only order what I can pronounce or point to. So when I’m driving I think about what I fancy for lunch and practice saying it over and over – I must sound crazy! Just helps with my confidence when the time comes though. Even though I did French at school, and in theory understand quite a bit, when I’m put in front of a real life French person it’s like my mind just goes completely blank. Very embarrassing! I also have an annoying habit of mixing up my French and Spanish if I don’t concentrate. So practice helps. 

Our stop for the night is just beyond Avignon, now more purposefully on route to Spain. Again, we got lucky with our choice and found this shady site that has a beach on the river to itself. As soon as we arrived we headed down there. The water is so clear and when I took M in to paddled little fish were tickling our feet. Thunder then had us rushing back to the van and we enjoyed our first refreshing storm of the trip cosied up in the back. It also makes shutting the van door tonight a little less like shutting ourselves into an oven….


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