Ullastret – family time


We made it to Spain! And it is GOOD!

The journey was fairly uneventful, once I finally found petrol after a panicky blind drive around Collioure desperately trying to find a petrol station before lovely Freda gave up on me. In the end I pulled over by a car wash and accosted a (gorgeous!) biker into telling me in sign language where I could find some sans plomb. He saved my day! I was so grateful instead of simply thanking him I blew him a kiss. Not at all embarrassing at my age….

Our home for the week is Can Pitu in Ullastret (Google it, it’s gorgeous!) and I think we’ll be very happy here. There were storms today, which excited the little ones no end. There are 14 of us here altogether, and three that are at that excitable, running-around, loud-chatter age keeping us all on our toes. M just watches fascinated – no doubt very much looking forward to the time when he can join them.

I’m off now to enjoy our air-conditioned double – did I mention before that M and I share a single in the van?


One thought on “Ullastret – family time

  1. Nicki Zisman says:

    Darling, it all sounds like such an amazing adventure that will be remembered & treasured always. YOU are amazing, huge love xx

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