Ullastret – Figueres

This morning, during a little stroll around the village, and after bumping into my lovely big brother and joining him for coffee, we decided to head into Figueres to visit the Dali theatre-museum. We were joined by another couple of lovelies and headed up the road. I am most intrigued by Dali and was very up for the visit, but the queue in the blazing sunshine seemed endlessly long so we relented to come again another day at dawn! I’m never a fan of queuing and if you add into the mix 30+ degree heat and a 20lb weight on my front it was, frankly, never going to happen. So we lunched, shopped and icecreamed instead and it was delightful nonetheless. And next time we’ll come prepared!


Back at the house (this is the view from my bedroom window) we hit the pool. M wasn’t so sure about it – it was a little chilly and took some getting used to – but he had a little splash and watched the others dive-bombing and having a whale of a time. I have three big brothers, and they rarely get to hang out together, so when they do all hell breaks loose and they have so much fun. Riding crocodiles. Team bombing. Then a wide game, including the little ones, of improvised orange cricket/catch/smash/something. Giggle fits, oranges bits and some seriously happy boys (and girls) all over.


This is the view out the back, from my bathroom (I have a bath!!! Eeeee!!!) and presumably where all the neighbours have disappeared to since we’ve arrived. They’re probably praying somewhere that we’ll siesta soon but it’s just not happening.


Dinner, and our last night all together before big brother leaves for home, was spent at a lush fish restaurant around the corner. Unfortunately M wasn’t so keen on letting me fully embrace it so I spent most of the time walking around or gently bouncing him in the sling. C’est la vie. The food was still tasty and the company great.

Soon me and my mosquito friends will be hitting the sack, and if I can resist scratching all night I’m sure I’ll sleep like a log (I’m covered). M is already out cold! He keeps getting nibbled too – poor little thing – though it doesn’t seem to both him much and to be honest he hasn’t got the nails to do much about it even if he was.


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