Ullastret – Figueres (again!)


Success!! A fabulous couple of hours basking in surreal excellence – just wonderful. We were some of the first in when the doors opened and it was well worth the early start. In fact, the dawn clouds on the hills made the drive quite beautiful in itself, even if I was struggling to get into the day having not yet had my caffeine fix (swiftly solved on arrival in a cool crepery in the square).


M and I got a little one-to-one time after the tour and while waiting for the others. He nagged and nagged for a chocolate crepe until I finally gave in and ordered one, giving him a smigden off the edge. He loved it. Bless him. Must remember to make pancakes more often when we get home.


The usual, back-at-the-house, pool-cooling and volleyball-playing fun took up the bulk of the afternoon before my eldest, super-cool, Hong-Kongite niece and I spent the evening babysitting the littler ones. It’s all gone rather smoothly… Well, it’s quiet so far,,anyway!


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