Making the most of M fast asleep in the back we had another day of plenty of miles done.


The mountains provided an excellent start to the drive.


I was a bit concerned at the border when I was pulled over. And embarrassed when I opened my front passenger door only for all my rubbish to fall out! The policeman kindly directed my red face to the nearest bin. Just as he looked like he might start my unpacking early, M woke up and started to cry so he let me go – I’ve got him well-trained!! The drive got somewhat dull after that but a smile was added to my journey in the form of an old lady with a cat in a sling. Yes. Like the one I have for M. For a cat.

After a false start at a camp site that didn’t have camping (don’t ask!) we found a cracker of a place with a pool that M loved (he’s really getting into the water thing now), chickens, goats and rabbits and a fishing lake.

The restaurant didn’t look up to much but as M was asleep in the buggy I thought I’d grab some dinner and ordered beef bourguignon. It was delicious! The tenderest beef I’ve ever had and M, when he woke up, loved it too. We went to bed a very happy pair.


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