Tomorrow morning we’re off on another little road trip. This time to the Gower Peninsula, and I can’t wait. I suspect the weather may not be what it was in France, but the setting is stunning and I’m sure that’ll more than make up for a bit less (I’m being hopeful here!) sunshine.

The downside is that we’ll be off the radar for a bit but we can catch up when we get back (just in time for Greenbelt festival, and just over a week left of maternity leave!).



It’s about finding the middle ground when neither poles are acceptable. Everybody moves. Everybody gives a little. Things move forward.

It’s a good thing, no?

I got it!

The email I was waiting for, that is.

You know. In case you were wondering.

It has been a most splendid weekend, the highlight of which was the marital nuptials of a dear friend of mine. One of my oldest, in fact. She is one of the humblest, yet sweetest, people I know, as well as being incredibly patient, and it was with utter delight that I enjoyed the privilege of witnessing her marriage to her beau.

Recently, after watching a short, yet inspired, Ted Talk, I have started to record three new gratitudes daily.

This weekend I am very lucky to say that in these were included the fortune of having kept a school friend as a good one, as well as discovering newly shared circumstances with them (unusual, in my experience, but such a pleasure) and, of course, being able to share their beautiful day with them as well as their nearest and dearest.

I may share more as time goes on…

Watch it if you can – I thought it was great, and it’s only short.

That Ted Talk


What is it about emails that you are willing to arrive that makes you (me) incessantly hit ‘refresh’? Agh! Same kind of thing as watching a kettle boil or paint dry, I guess, except you can be pretty sure those things will happen…

Another for the list of things that bug me about myself…