I got it!

The email I was waiting for, that is.

You know. In case you were wondering.

It has been a most splendid weekend, the highlight of which was the marital nuptials of a dear friend of mine. One of my oldest, in fact. She is one of the humblest, yet sweetest, people I know, as well as being incredibly patient, and it was with utter delight that I enjoyed the privilege of witnessing her marriage to her beau.

Recently, after watching a short, yet inspired, Ted Talk, I have started to record three new gratitudes daily.

This weekend I am very lucky to say that in these were included the fortune of having kept a school friend as a good one, as well as discovering newly shared circumstances with them (unusual, in my experience, but such a pleasure) and, of course, being able to share their beautiful day with them as well as their nearest and dearest.

I may share more as time goes on…

Watch it if you can – I thought it was great, and it’s only short.

That Ted Talk


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