Spinning plates…



Slowly, slowly

Gosh, this readjustment thing can be quite a test, eh?

Things seem to be ever so slowly slipping into place, but MUCH too slowly for my liking.

Probably another sign that I have more, much more, to learn about patience.

Feeling scrutinised. By me, mainly.

We survived

It’s been quite a week, with lots of new routines to master, but it has gone surprisingly well. M seems to have giggled and charmed his way through the days spent with his childminder. And I’ve been buzzing at work, desperate to get up to speed and my teeth into things.

We’re planning a super-chilled weekend before we start it all again come Monday.

I’m feeling like it might all just be okay….

First day back

As I lie next to my little sleeping starfish, I’m smiling to myself because my first day back is done and we both survived.

I managed to get my gear together in time, and peddled the little one to his new daytime haunt, then on to our central office for a day of meetings and admin. Felt quite a lot like being the new girl again – I’m behind on everything, including the ever-changing team dynamics. I guess noone is static, much less so the connections between, but getting up to speed is going to take more focus than I’ve needed in a good 9 months (or so!).

Tomorrow I’m back on my patch, with a team I have great faith in and fondness of. I’m looking forward to getting to know the newbies better – though in their eyes I’ll be the newbie, checking out what changes have been made to the building – there have been many and major!, and maybe breathing for a moment over a cuppa in the Canteen and start to wonder what the next 9 months will look like….

Big changes afoot


Well, I have officially reached the end of my 9 months of maternity leave. These sandals that I have lived in for most of the summer are ready to be hung up for now. My work clothes have been dug out from under the bed. My bag is packed. My bike (!) is ready to go. The childminder has been booked. The lunches have been made. And I think. I think. I’m ready to go back to work….