First day back

As I lie next to my little sleeping starfish, I’m smiling to myself because my first day back is done and we both survived.

I managed to get my gear together in time, and peddled the little one to his new daytime haunt, then on to our central office for a day of meetings and admin. Felt quite a lot like being the new girl again – I’m behind on everything, including the ever-changing team dynamics. I guess noone is static, much less so the connections between, but getting up to speed is going to take more focus than I’ve needed in a good 9 months (or so!).

Tomorrow I’m back on my patch, with a team I have great faith in and fondness of. I’m looking forward to getting to know the newbies better – though in their eyes I’ll be the newbie, checking out what changes have been made to the building – there have been many and major!, and maybe breathing for a moment over a cuppa in the Canteen and start to wonder what the next 9 months will look like….


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