Costume drama

So J, the childminder, told me yesterday that I needed a costume for M for Halloween. It totally threw me. I’m not a big Halloween fan at the best of times, and I really thought I had at least a couple of years before I had to worry about this sort of nonsense. But nevertheless, I found myself searching through the costume dregs at Tesco this evening, hoping beyond hope that I’d find something that might work. Goodness, there is some rubbish out there! In the end, with a little encouragement from a fellow M-lover, I bought some pillow cases and some stickers, and when I got home I made this….


…poor attempt at a ghost outfit. It will have to do. Hopefully I can do better next year. Or at least think of a credible excuse to get out if it, anyway….

Banana cake for tea

My life, Tuesday to Thursday at least, has become such that dinner has mostly been squeezed out of my schedule. M eats at the childminder’s (don’t worry, he’s not being starved!) so by the time I pick him up it’s time for bath and bed.

This evening he was zonked. Mostly a result of the clocks changing – it has completely thrown us – but he’s always a bit more tired coming from childcare than on a regular day. He doesn’t sleep as well there, by a long way. And he’s so much more stimulated at her house too. It’s embarrassing (I am not a great entertainer, it must be said).

So tonight, to try to keep my tummy from making so much noise it’d wake him up as soon as he crashes out, I stuffed some banana cake down before the dash to bed.

Bathtime was forfeited as a result.

Does anyone survive motherhood without drowning in guilt, I wonder?



I finally submitted and put the hammock on eBay. After talking about it for ages. That, and may other things. I’m such a procrastinator, frankly I’m stunned at this behaviour. Could be the start of something great!


Well, I got a bit of a shock today when I started making a banana loaf – the flour was alive! There was a big pile of it on the scales and little bugs wiggling all over the place. Just. Disgusting.

Thank goodness for Google and it’s ability to make all things normal. Job for tomorrow? Scrub out the cupboard. Joy.