Banana cake for tea

My life, Tuesday to Thursday at least, has become such that dinner has mostly been squeezed out of my schedule. M eats at the childminder’s (don’t worry, he’s not being starved!) so by the time I pick him up it’s time for bath and bed.

This evening he was zonked. Mostly a result of the clocks changing – it has completely thrown us – but he’s always a bit more tired coming from childcare than on a regular day. He doesn’t sleep as well there, by a long way. And he’s so much more stimulated at her house too. It’s embarrassing (I am not a great entertainer, it must be said).

So tonight, to try to keep my tummy from making so much noise it’d wake him up as soon as he crashes out, I stuffed some banana cake down before the dash to bed.

Bathtime was forfeited as a result.

Does anyone survive motherhood without drowning in guilt, I wonder?


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