My little man is finding life a little frustrating at the moment. I’m not sure why really, but I’m sure he has good reasons and I’m sure he’d tell me all about it if he could.

He is so strong now, and hard to control even if I wanted to. He hates having his nappy changed and will do ANYTHING to avoid having one put back on. He’s just as passionate about his dislike of getting dressed in the morning. I try to be creative in my methods and distractions, but I frequently fail miserably and there have been a couple of times, at least, when we could both be found to be shedding a tear or two in the frustration of it all.

I even threw a nappy the other day. Most unsatisfying. Just kind of flopped where I threw it. Throwing the full one may have worked better, but that wasn’t in my hand (he’s very happy to have them taken off) and I’d probably regret it anyway….


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