Cake time!

Tomorrow we are celebrating M’s birthday with a little tea and cake, belatedly, but with no less heart. So tomorrow morning, as soon as I wake, I’ll be cracking on with the cake – no stress!

Good news though – M is feeling much better and we both enjoyed a rare evening play date earlier. Bath times are so much more fun with little-people company! And a glass of wine with a girlfriend goes down rather well too…


Poorly bubba

My little bean, who brightly started the day at 5am, is poorly. We got home this evening and he was loudly and splatteringly sick all over our dining table and surrounding areas. Poor bubba.

Snuggled and snoozing soundly now in bed with me.

How’s life, M?

I’ve started to use a fork! Well, Mummy puts food on it but then I use it. I use a spoon sometimes too, but more often as a catapult.

My favourite things to eat for breakfast are crumpets, porridge, omelette, yoghurt, whizzed-up fruit (especially apricots) and toast. For dinner I really enjoy pasta, noodles, anything with beans and stews that J, my childminder, makes. Having said that, I’ll eat most things. Last night we had Thai take away, and I loved the coconut rice, pad thai and duck spring rolls. I even tried the green curry but I’m not so fussed on chicken and was much happier with the noodles.

Things are going well at J’s. I’m used to falling asleep with her now, then napping on the sofa. I used to be in a travel cot upstairs, but I hated it, so it’s much better now.

We go to lots of play groups together. I love playing with the other kids there, and exploring all the toys. J says I’m really confident and she’s proud of me. I stick up for myself too, if any of the bigger kids try to push me away from stuff. I’ve just learnt to crawl through this tunnel thing at her house. Her daughter E taught me. She’s 10 and I adore her. We always have big cuddles when I get there in the morning.

I’m enjoying all the new toys that I got for Christmas, but more than anything I love the floaty balloon that I got for my birthday. It’s a bit soft now, but it’s the first thing I look for in the morning and I take it everywhere with me. Just in the house though… Mummy won’t let me take it out with us 😦

I’m really starting to enjoy having stories read to me, and seeing the pictures in the books. I have a bookcase near the floor and I like pulling the books out and looking inside. My favourite story is the Gruffalo.

Bath times are still one of my favourite things. The boats Daddy gave me are great – especially when there are bubbles too. I like pulling the plug out, and at the end I like playing with the water running down the plug hole until every last bit has gone. I hate being wrapped in the towel after a bath, so I tend to just crawl around naked until I’ve drip-dried. I also don’t like having my nappy put on, so Mummy mostly does it when I’m standing up now.

I’m really into climbing. I can almost get on the sofa on my own, and I can get off really easily. I like climbing stairs but I can’t get down them so well. I like opening, closing and emptying drawers and cupboards, especially in the kitchen and the bedroom. I enjoy dancing to music and I like singing along to the CDs Mummy plays in the car. I’m not fussed about TV but I adore the remote, except when Mummy takes the batteries out.

We’ve started planning our holidays this year. We’re going to Berlin, hopefully, for a few days in April. Mummy says that we might go to Hong Kong in October too.

Life is good!

M x