It’s such a strange feeling after I’ve dropped M off with his dad. I’m not sure I can explain it very well but I feel a bit lost, and a bit afraid too, I think. The fear is not for his safety – he adores his dad and they always have a great time – but that maybe he’ll have a better time with him than he’d have had with me today… Ridiculous, I know. It’s not a competition, is it? It’s just some days the juggling of work, house stuff, and everything else, can leave me feeling kind of guilty that my attention is anywhere else but on the little one. I know. I know. Things still need to get done. Life happens. But when you just have one day a month, I suspect it’s a little easier to focus.

I bet he’d have a completely different take on it though. And quite rightly, I suppose. Since I do get the other 29ish days in the month to enjoy the extreme deliciousness that is M.

Hmmm. Must pull myself together. It’s only a few hours anyway….


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