That Friday feeling


I got there!

     Eggs on toast

     Salty bath

     Masterchef catch-ups


And breathe ooooooouuuuuttttt…..

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Blessed with unexpected delights

It’s funny, isn’t it, when you get blessed with unexpected pleasures right when you really need them.

The start of this week was awful. Vile. Emotional, tearful, compromised and contrived. In many ways, it was bound to happen, so perhaps it’s good that it has.

But then yesterday knocked me sideways with joy. Proper quality time with a great friend, and plenty of time to right the wrongs of the (our) world. Heavenly space and luxury to do that. Body bliss. Tastebud delight. And the super-pleasure of seeing my boy enjoying his grandparents – always near the very top of my joy hit-list.

The real surprise was today though.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure about coming away to Berlin. The flight worried me – it would be M’s first. I hadn’t made plans at all. I didn’t know much about where we were due to stay. And it all seemed like quite a lot of effort when I least had energy to give.

And then the blessings really started to kick in. An elderly couple entertaining M on the train into London. A quick connection to the speedy Stansted train that made the journey to the airport a breeze, rather than the opposite I’d expected. More sweet commuters charming M on the way, before the lady at Pret bent completely over to be fabulous at lunchtime. We nearly missed our flight loosing track of time, but M thought it was hysterical being cuddled in the sling while we legged it to the boarding gate. I was last on the plane and was welcomed by two charming guys who we were sat between. When I saw the seat M and me would share my heart sank – who wants to sit next to a toddler? Turns out Mr Spanish Russell Brand lookie-likie and Mr PHD workshopie sweetheart do! They smiled at M. Held his hand. Made him laugh. Didn’t get annoyed when M kept on putting his feet on their laps. And discreetly averted their eyes every time M grappled for ‘boobie’. AND they both spoke to me like I was a real grown-up! It’s surprising how rarely this happens with a sub-2-year-old on your lap -don’t ask me why.

We jumped straight into a cab that was fully prepared for our little ones (I’m travelling with a good friend and her (nearly) 3 year old). Then we arrived here…


In the centre of West Berlin. The flat is just beautiful, in a funky kind of way, and our hosts have taken two little bundles of buzzing energy in their stride as well as providing the most delicious Persian feast for dinner.

When we finally collapsed into bed, M fell asleep so quickly I even found energy left to blog! A miracle in itself these days!

Thanks for checking in. Be blessed.

And good night 🙂

Kicking around my head

Pacified – I hope I’m never, but I fear I may have been
Control – I am growing in my understanding of when it’s essential and when it needs to be rejected
Emotions – are not the basis of decisions I’m proud of
Authenticity – I need more in my life
Distance – equals space, reflection, perspective