Andorra la Vella


It feels wonderful to be back on the road again, but I’m already missing my family. It’s been a rare and fabulous treat to spend time with them this past week, and I’m so grateful for them having organised it. They have been kind and generous to us both in so many ways – it’s been a good opportunity to remember how precious family is.

Andorra is our destination today and it provided another winding, mountainous route to our next stop. M and I love the steep climbs, but Freda struggles sometimes. We both lean forward going up the hills – I think it helps!


The view from the camp site is hard to capture; everything is towering around us. There’s even snow on some of the mountain tops. Even better was the chance to enjoy it from the site’s jacuzzi – M’s first time and he LOVED the bubbles! As usual, he was also making friends all over the place. My favourites today were a Spanish girl and boy who wanted to play, and who, when they realised where we were from, just flicked to English. It astounds me how so many European kids can do this, and so few British. I still stumble over ‘bonjour’!


In other news… M seems to finally be embracing his buggy. Did the trick nicely when it came to snooze-time!



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