Last day


There is so much to say about today.

But I’m emotionally drained.

So it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Much to look forward to this weekend though!

Photos, shopping, spa and girlie time. I can’t wait.


(Random) acts of kindness


A supportive text just when you need it

A kiss on the head when you’re feeling fragile

A seat on the bus when you’re wobbling all over the place

A smile from a baby when you catch his eye

A colleague who let’s you load them when you know you need to escape soon

An old friend showing they care

A hot meal waiting when you get home from a long day

A willing ear when you need to vent

A cup of tea made for you during a quick break in a hectic training session

A load of washing hung up and drying already when you get home

A lift home when it’s raining and the last thing you want to do is stand on a lonely platform in the rain

A card in the post from someone who had you on their mind

A sweet gift for a baby who hasn’t been born yet

A hug from a friend who knows exactly what you’re going through

All these things have potential to bring me to my knees right now….

No photo required…

I’ve decided that stretch marks are evil.

I thought I had them under control with fabulous BioOil.

But I took my eye off the ball (bump) for a few days and have been punished severely for my neglect.

I wonder…. Do they ever go away? Or will I be left forever with these funny lines all over my tummy?…

In other news – we had the last session of training for the Night Shelter, with another 120odd new volunteers, today. Relieved that’s done. I just need to concentrate on handing the project over to our newly-appointed coordinator now… (I MUST let go! I cannot control it all! It might not be perfect but it might just run better than it has before…. I am secure. No, really. I am!… I need help…)

Another book


I love this book. Not only is it insightful and informative – it’s very funny!

This is what I can look forward to next week, apparently…

‘Your bosoms may have developed a mind of their own and be leaking for no apparent reason or when a baby cries. (Any old baby will do.)’

Joy! I don’t remember being told this before… Are there secrets that mums keep from non-mums? Is there a point to this or are these things just no-go areas?

I even heard about new mums ‘pumping’ before delivery. What’s that about? And who on earth tried that first?

Fun times… Any advice from normal people gratefully received.

In the meantime I just hope that I can manage to get through my last week at work without soaking my top…

Saying goodbye


At work today, we said goodbye to one of the loveliest ladies I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

She passed away recently after a fight with cancer that she appeared to be winning, but it wasn’t to be.

She was funny, naughty, smart, professional, caring, confident and fabulous.

And we’ll remember her always – whether it be by doughnuts or monkey nuts, black coffee or fresh lemons. Never to be forgotten.